Professional Aircraft Management

Summit Aviation strives to provide you with the best tools and resources to meet your Aircraft Management needs, accomplish your goals, and exceed your expectations.  We are confident we can meet these goals through three key areas: Benefits, Support Services, and Cost Controls with Substantial Savings.


  • Over 50 combined years of operational and management experience
  • Personalized service of private flight department
  • Unmatched safety, efficiency and quality of service
  • Highly trained, professional pilots and flight crew
  • Seamless handling of aircraft crewing, maintenance, and dispatching
  • Professional accounting and ancillary services
  • Complete security and confidentiality

Support Services

  • Dedicated 24-hour, scheduling, flight dispatch and coordination
  • Trip sheet - passenger manifests
  • Pilot hiring, currency and duty tracking
  • Safety Management Systems
  • FAA Liaison for required Certifications
  • Monthly accounting and financial reporting
  • Detailed Budgeting
  • Individualized Care
  • One Monthly Invoice
  • Maintenance tracking and implementation
  • CAMP Report Management
  • Coordinate with Company FSR’s
  • Manage Subscriptions and Maintenance Programs
  • Worldwide Charter request databases
  • Travel Logistics
  • International Procedures
  • Over-flight Permits

Cost Controls with Substantial Savings

  • Reduced, negotiated rates for aircraft insurance, fuel, and FBO services worldwide
  • Vendor discounts for aircraft maintenance and parts programs
  • Owner discounts for supplemental charter requirements
  • Optional charter sales to maximize revenue potential
  • Cost-effective crew training

Our team is comprised of a unique blend of talented and respected general aviation industry professionals who have strong credentials and proven track records.  On a combined basis, our principals and consultants have over 50 years of aviation operations, management, and customer service experience. We are confident we will provide the best quality of aircraft management available in the industry. 



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