Why get a tailwheel endorsement?

For beginners, we have our Husky; perfect for introductory tailwheel. Are you an expert or just want to brush up on your skills? Try our Micco!

Learning to fly a tailwheel aircraft can be one of the most fun and rewarding activities you will experience in aviation. After just a few hours, you will demonstrate much improved stick and rudder skills.

There is nothing like flying a fabric covered tailwheel aircraft with a stick, just like the pioneers of aviation. You will learn to use the rudder more precisely for coordinated flight, while increasing your awareness of the wind and how it affects the aircraft in the most critical phases of flight. As a Taildragger Pilot, you will have a better understanding and much improved skills for coping with crosswinds during takeoff and landing in any aircraft.

The Tailwheel Endorsement requires a pilot to demonstrate proficiency in the operation of a conventional gear aircraft. The flight training must include normal and crosswind takeoffs and landings, wheel landings, and go-around procedures. Expect two hours of ground training and eight to ten hours of flight training for the Tailwheel Endorsement.

Our training program focuses on familiarization of the tailwheel aircraft, aircraft control, proper positioning of flight controls for ground operations, normal and crosswind takeoffs, three-point landings, wheel landings, crosswind landings, recoveries from a bounce, and go-arounds.

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Course Requirements

- Must have Private Pilot Certificate

- Medical Certificate



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