Summit Aviation boasts the newest and largest fleet of training aircraft in the Northwest Rocky Mountains. Specializing in Diamond Aircraft, we offer students peace of mind with an impeccable safety record and unmatched fuel efficiency. Our highly sought after DA-42 Twin Stars are the world’s first and only piston-twin with an advanced airframe, state-of-the-art avionics, and jet-fuel powered engines. We also offer Cessna Aircraft for students who are ardent fans, and those requiring high-performance endorsements. Touting a fleet with solid reliability, good all-around performance and better fuel efficiency, we take pride in offering the training aircraft that meets the needs of the most experienced and those who are just beginning!

Courses Offered

There’s no limit with Summit Aviation! If you need it, we have it: Introductory Flights to Private onto Commercial up through ATP, advanced training in Mountain Flying, G1000 glass panel familiarization, instrument ratings, turbine transitions, and multi-engine ratings. Want to become a flight instructor? We do that too!

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