Andrew Casey - Certified Flight Instructor


Andrew is a Utah original who came to Bozeman in 2013. He has been fascinated by aviation since he was a boy, and aviation is what he came to Bozeman to do. Andrew went to flight school at the young age of 12 in Salt Lake City, and pursued aviation professionally here in Bozeman. A graduate of Gallatin College with an Associates Degree in Aviation, Andrew now is pursuing his dreams of flight. In addition, as a safety officer Andrew is dedicated to making the skies a safer place.  Andrew was honored with the “Most Dedicated Pilot” award in his class at Summit Aviation, and he is committed to maintaining that title. He has broadened his horizons with multiple years of volunteer work at the National Ability Center in Park City, UT as well as going through Civil Air Patrol as a young teen. Aside from spending his days in the air, Andrew also enjoys getting airborne on dirt bikes, snowboards, wake boards, and mountain bikes, to name a few.

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