Jessica Denby - CFO

Jessica began her career as an accounting professional immediately after her graduation, with honors, from Portland State University.  After six years in public accounting, she transitioned to the private side of the field.  Some career highlights: she has held license to practice as a Certified Public Accountant in Oregon, Nevada, and Montana; has worked in a carpet-walled cubicle with no sunlight; and played cocktail piano as a job for several years in her teens.

She originally hails from the spectacular Madison Valley, but has now lived in four different states.  She and her husband enjoy cooking together, reading, and hiking.  They live with two sweet dogs who are terrified of squirrels.  In addition, they share their home with two felines, Alien and Predator, who have, so far, not killed them in their sleep.

She thrives on a steady diet of coffee and terrible puns.

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