John Craker - Bookkeeper

John grew up mostly in the south, having lived in South Carolina, Texas, and New Mexico for much of that time. Because he moved around a lot when he was younger, he tended to want to wander. He moved to Wisconsin the first time in 1994, but still wandered away. However, after leaving, John realized that Wisconsin could truly be a home and returned after only a couple years and has remained there for the last 20 years. This includes moving “north of the wall” in Superior, Wisconsin, in 2018 as his wife opted for a transfer with her work. John just finished his two-year degree (the first in his family with a degree), and truly was seeking an employer that he could see being with in the many years to come.

John has an affinity for numbers, computers, and software (like MS Excel), and games of all sorts (computer, board, rpg, and card). He tends to be sarcastic, and has a favorite word he heard many years ago: “Sarchasm – the chasm, or gorge, between a person who uses sarcasm, and the person who does not understand.”

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